Common Misconceptions About Lint Free Rags And Wipers

The many uses of lint-free cloth make it an important product for engineering businesses. Despite this, lint free is not always given priority consideration as a cleaning cloth. This could be due, in part, to several misconceptions that continue to persist. Your customers could be reducing the effectiveness of lint free rags by engaging in any of the following misconceptions. As we will see, these are all counterproductive and can actually create additional lint where there was none before! By countering these misconceptions you can enable your customers to get the best use out of their lint free cloths and encourage repeat orders:


Are You Using The Wrong Industrial Wipers For Your Business?

Today’s many industries use all manner of cleaning cloths for various reasons. Are the products you’re stocking the best cleaning cloths for your customer’s business? The most common sign that a customer is using the wrong wiper is that the final cleaning result simply isn’t at the level of quality they expect it to be.

How To Find The Best Wipers And Cloths For The Engineering Industry

Our textile wipers are designed to meet the challenges of an industrial, engineering environment. As a stockist, it is important to offer your customers a range of industrial wipers that give a high performance clean when applied to a variety of tasks. Engineering businesses experience different cleaning needs to other enterprises, and the industrial wipes available to engineering firms should reflect this. A typical cleaning wipe in an engineering business may have to deal with solvent spillages, lubricants, heavy grease, various oils and other grime, all before lunchtime. They need to stay strong in conditions under which other wipers such as paper based products could disintegrate.

Are Cheaper Grade Industrial Wipers Impacting Your Quality?

If there is one thing that unites the diverse businesses of the industrial sector in the UK, from automotive spray shops, to printing presses, food processors and car factories, it is their use of industrial wiper rags. The humble wiper rag is an essential, if not frequently overlooked, component in any industrial process.

Manchester Cleaning Show 2016

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Manchester Cleaning Show 2016

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What is a 'Lint Free' rag?

lint free cloth is basically a type of cleaning cloth that does not give up off any fluff or fibers when used.  100% cotton wipers are the most lint free, e.g .Roller Towel, White Linen, White Sheeting and White T-Shirt and Coloured T-Shirt.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Reintroduce

Smartora work to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Reintroduce textiles, diverting millions of pounds of waste from our landfill.  Help Smartora spread the word about textile recycling and help reduce the 85%.

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The benefits of using a microfiber cloth


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