How to care for your microfiber cloths


Manchester Cleaning Show 2016

Smartora is exhibiting at the Manchester Cleaning Show, 6th - 7th April  2016.

White T-Shirt

Medium weight wiper, suitable for cleaning, polishing and absorbing liquids. Suitable for automotive valeting, paint & printing industries, chemical industry, maintenance engineers and transport. 100% cotton t-shirt.


Light Coloured Cotton

A general purpose light weight and economical wiping cloth suitable for engineering, automotive, mechanical and marine industries. Cut cotton/poly cotton blouses, shirts, trousers and poly cotton sheeting.


Introducing the new Smartora 5kg Carrier Pack Range

Are you fed up of handling 10kg bales of cleaning wipers around your workplace? Carrying is made simple with our 5kg carrier pack range. The polythene punch handle makes it easy and comfortable to carry, especially if it's a distance to your workspace. The slim line bales also make them easy to carry in small confined spaces and help to reduce the strain on your back compared to carrying the 10kg bales. All grades of our wipers are available in the 5kg carrier packs, call us today for our competitive prices!

Coloured All Purpose Cloths

Non-woven chembond all purpose cloth available in various colours.

Colours Available



Absorbent, low linting and solvent resistant. Ideal for all general polishing and wiping.


Microfiber Cloths

Removes dirt, fingerprints and grease from most surfaces without chemicals. May be washed up to 500 times. Heat sealed edges for long-life. Heavy weight construction for more effective cleaning.

Colours Available


Felt Wipes / Cotton Spill Mats

Soft and voluminous product, often used to protect floors from liquid spillages. It's laminated cotton layers gives it high wet and tensile strength. Popular with shipping and workshop industries where oils and fats are used. Size 40 x 40cm


Coloured Cotton Waste

95% cotton waste for mopping spillages. Popular in the shipping industry.


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